Von BARF brings together people who truly believe that every pet deserves only the best. We believe that if our pets could talk they would say that they adore being around us, that they love to explore and experience new things, as well as walks and adventures, but that they also like to eat. And it is our job to make what they eat truly worthy of their love. We produce a completely natural and healthy pet food that dogs adore. And this way we give back at least a fraction of love they shower us with.

All of us have had pets since we can remember, we took our first steps with them by our side and have enjoyed sharing our lives with them. And we fed them in different ways. But one thing is indisputable – since our dogs have tried BARF they have never enjoyed anything else as much.

It makes us happy to see that this food suits them and how much they enjoy eating it (maybe the smell of BARF doesn’t suit us too much, but for the sake of their love it has never been a problem to put up with a bit of smell that might not be the most pleasant one in the world…). Most importantly – we can see how it helps them become and stay healthy, how their coat is becoming shinier, they life energy rising, teeth becoming whiter, digestion ideal, and stool firm and easy to scoop.

Our long-term life experience with dogs and their nutrition – both theoretical and practical, has resulted in our products being of uncompromisingly high quality. Such as nature has intended it for dogs. Such as the one we want to feed our pets with, who are, without exaggeration, equal members of our families. We truly believe that our product is the best food your dog can have. It is produced in Croatia, at a production plant in Bjelovar managed by a person with 35 years of family experience in production of meat and meat products.

We are a small company that directly oversees all the production processes. This way we can personally monitor all the processes from the beginning to the end and know that everything is controlled and done in the best way possible.

Our meat is real meat and it looks like meat. We are the ones who choose the suppliers of our raw materials, as well as the quality of those raw materials, and based on our own rich experience we develop new products. We produce and pack them ourselves. When you feed Von BARF to your pet you know exactly what it is and where it comes from. There is nothing hidden in it.

We strongly believe that feeding dogs naturally means feeding them in a safe and healthy way!