Feeding a 100% natural and raw food is the best diet.

Raw food does not contain any harmful additives, and at the same time it preserves all the nutrients, whereas cooking or any heat treatment of food changes its physical and chemical properties – proteins coagulate and become less bioavailable, many amino acids are destroyed.

Cooked proteins are difficult to digest and often become the cause of allergies.

Active cellular enzymes in raw meat are responsible for the breakdown of complex cell structures and molecules (proteins, complex carbohydrates, fats) into their simple components – amino acids, simple carbohydrates, fatty acids. Food broken down in this way is acceptable for absorption.

Furthermore, the role of these enzymes is extremely important for digestion because they reduce the body’s need to produce a large amount of its own digestive enzymes. The most sensitive enzymes in raw food are destroyed at the temperature of 37 °C. 

Vitamins and minerals destroyed or altered during industrial thermal treatment cannot be added to the food subsequently, and be equally bioavailable to the organism, as is the case with raw food.



BARF is very suitable for dogs with weight problems. Obesity, in fact, often occurs as a result of an inadequate ratio of proteins and energy. If the food contains a lot of carbohydrates and not enough proteins, in order to meet their needs for protein and essential amino acids, animals will end up eating larger amounts of food, which also means a lot of carbohydrates. The excess of carbohydrates will turn into body fat. Besides the amount of proteins, their origin and digestibility are also important, because poorly digestible proteins, low in essential amino acids, will also turn into body fat and increase food intake.

Food allergies and atopic dermatitis

VON BARF food does not contain grains and additives, which are the most common allergens. Besides, crude protein of animal origin rarely causes allergies. BARF food proved extremely successful in controlling already developed allergies. The effects of this diet can be seen over a longer period of time, because it boosts the immune system and its ability to fight allergies. Sometimes the results are immediately visible, and sometimes it takes more time for the body to strengthen and start controlling the immune response successfully.



VON BARF food is an excellent source of glucosamine and chondroitin, substances essential for the preservation of health and treatment of degenerative changes in the joints. Ground cartilage in VON BARF is an extremely rich natural source of these substances. Ground bone and cartilage are an optimal source of substances needed to build a healthy and resistant musculoskeletal system.


Dental tartar and bad breath

Raw food does not stick to the teeth.
Food that has no satisfactory consistency sticks to the teeth a lot, thus creating a perfect medium for the development of various bacteria. Consequently, this causes the inflammation of the gums – gingivitis, extremely bad breath, plaque and tartar and possible metastasis of bacterial infection anywhere in the body (e.g. heart valves, kidneys, liver).


Digestive problems (gastritis, pancreatitis, enteritis, etc.)

Raw food is the best source of protein, which a carnivorous organism can digest easily. Enzymes contained in raw food reduce the body’s need to produce its own digestive enzymes. Beef tripe, as one of the ingredients in VON BARF, is rich in good microflora of the digestive system. Rumen is also a rich source of chlorophyll, a green plant pigment, which enhances the body’s detoxification process, has antimicrobial properties, strengthens the immune system, plays a role in the control and destruction of malignant cells and has the ability to bind heavy metals. It has a positive effect on wound healing, both on the skin and on mucous membranes (it has been proven that chlorophyll has a positive effect on the healing of peptic ulcer).

VON BARF contains no preservatives, flavour enhancers, artificial colours or any other additives, and no starch, which is extremely difficult for carnivores to digest.


Anal sacculitis

The best stool consistency ensures the natural emptying of anal glands and in that way minimizes the possibility of anal sacculitis. Due to the bone content in VON BARF, stool is of a more solid consistency, however there is no fear of bowel obstruction and damage to the bowel mucosa because the bone is ground into a paste.

Photo by GETI PhotoStudio.


Not surprisingly, it was found that the animals eating BARF:

  • have better health
  • have more energy
  • have a better appetite (dogs adore BARF)
  • have a healthy and beautiful fur
  • are in excellent shape
  • have well developed muscles and bones
  • stool is smaller in volume and of a more solid consistency
  • they are more obedient and more focused during training
  • they are more fertile
  • they live longer