It is intended for dogs of all ages and breeds in the first two to four weeks of switching to a BARF diet.

The ingredients in VON BARF STARTER are slightly different that the ones in VON BARF CLASSIC. The content of ground bone is reduced to prevent hard stool. This formula does not contain garlic, since garlic can cause nausea and vomiting in dogs with intestinal parasites. It is therefore recommended to deworm your dog before switching to VON BARF CLASSIC, which contains garlic.

What if my dog does not want to eat raw food?

In very rare cases dogs can refuse to eat raw food, but this is usually a short-term problem – in general it lasts until the dog gets hungry.

One-day fast will surely stimulate the appetite. Fasting is a good way to detoxify the body in carnivores and a good way of switching to a BARF diet. Old and sick animals should not fast, the same as puppies and pregnant and lactating female dogs.

What if the dog vomits after meal?

Switching to a new type of diet can cause vomiting, but there is no reason to worry if the dog does not show any other signs of disturbance of the general condition. Vomiting may not be an indicator of disease in carnivores. Sometimes a dog can vomit because the pieces of food were too big, due to a large amount of food or voracious eating.

To prevent rapid eating of a large amount of food, it is preferable to squeeze out smaller amounts of food from the bag so the dog could eat it bit by bit (in the first few days of switching to a BARF diet).