Inspired by nature

Our treats are produced according to the strictest quality and hygiene criteria. Thanks to careful production and selection of high-quality raw materials, this food is a healthy, tasty and easy to digest treat, suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds.

Delicious, nutritious, safe!

Premium-quality ingredients are gently dried at a moderate temperature to lock in the aromas. Specific smell of the treat, extremely attractive to dogs, indicates that this is a completely natural product.

Treat your dog with a real, natural treat!

Our treats are organic, tasty and low in calories. Through best possible freshness and quality we achieved ultimate balance of taste and chewy texture.

Ingredients you can trust

Carefully dried, selected pieces of meat and offal. Dried with warm air only, without any additives (preservatives, colour, flavour enhancers, etc.)
100% natural 100% tasty
0%sugar 0%grain
0% flavour enhancers 0%preservatives
0% bone meal

Von BARF Lamb Tripe

Natural and freshly dried lamb tripe. Recommended as a treat for dogs showing signs of food hypersensitivity and dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Von BARF Horse Lungs

Horse meat is hypoallergenic and in addition to that, lungs are lean, which makes this light and aromatic treat low in calories. As such, this treat is an excellent choice for sensitive dogs that may need to watch their calorie intake.

Von BARF Cow Head Skin

An excellent choice for dogs that like “challenging“ treats, or the ones that need to be chewed for a long time to be eaten. As this treat requires a lot of chewing, it is excellent for teeth cleaning.

Von BARF Duck Necks

Crunchy and delicious, duck meat in combination with dehydrated bone is an excellent source of protein, fatty acids and calcium (dehydrated bone crumbles into tiny pieces, unlike a cooked one that is prone to breaking into sharp pieces).

Von BARF Beef Tripe

A good alternative to fresh beef tripe because its smell is not as strong (which is good for the owners :D), but dogs still find it irresistible. Unprocessed beef tripe is an excellent source of natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes. In short – this treat is both delicious and healthy.

Von BARF Crunchy Meat Sticks

The only ingredient in this tasty treat with high protein content and low fat content is beef. These meat sticks are both crunchy and chewy, and as such they help maintain healthy teeth and gums.


From now on, when visiting friends who treat their dog as a fully-fledged member of the family, you won’t be coming empty-handed because now there is a present for them too! Von BARF DOG PRALINES are made of 100% veal meat. Dogs will be delighted to see you because their noses can unmistakably tell when you have something tasty and healthy for them. And the owners will certainly appreciate that you thought of their furry friend.